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Barnado's Sponsorship


I'm doing a Barnado's Sponsored Weight Loss!!

I'm raising money for Barnado's. It's a childrens charity and quite close to my heart as they did a lot of work with us when I was in foster care as a teenager.

I'm currently a whopping 15 stone, not quite as heavy as my last pregnancy due to a condition I had called hyperemesis Gravidarum which left me hospitalised several times from excessive vomiting. I was put on anti sickness medication which had side affects of water retention and weight gain, and I ended up eating more to soak up acid in my stomach to stop feeling sick. It's pretty common for pregnant women to eat more. Some of the extreme vomiting left me unable to eat at times due to the bile burning the back of my throat. The medication left me drowsy and unable to drive, and I missed some huge festival sets in the summer of 2015. My Wedding day wasn't that pleasant either, and the only thing that's kept me sain is the blessing of a healthy, bright baby girl. I weighed in at 15 stone 8 and managed to lose 4 stone getting down to 11 stone. It was extremely difficult.  

I'm not as ill this time round. My 2nd pregnancy still has some problems and people wonder why I've put myself through it again. The last 6 weeks I questioned it myself getting 4 hours sleep. I did it mainly so my baby girl has some family around in a few years time, I think that is more important than being sick for 10 months. 

While there has been some pretty heartless comments and fat meme's made from around my weight, it's a  time for me to bring awareness to people who are cruel. While I have thick skin, some women don't and pregnancy weight can be extremely difficult for some women to loose. 

So, a total of £290 raised so far, and here's the deal. Sponsor me £1 or more to lose the 5 stone by April 2nd 2018. Send me your name, your email how much you want to sponsor me and if I reach the target weight of 10 stone, I'll contact you, collect the money and present it to Barnado's.

Thank you everyone so far! You can come back to this page, I'll be updating photos, eating plans and let you know how I'm getting on! 

26.09.17 - 14 stone 11lbs.

04.10.17 - 15 stone

14.10.17 -