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We Love Jungle Mix

Thanks for everyone who voted for me at the "We Love Jungle" awards, it was an honour picking up the "Best Female DJ" award.

A lot of people say to me "I didn't realise jungle was still alive" Well Jungle is very much alive, and here is a mix with the old classics, and the new 2015 jungle, I hope you enjoy it.

I've selected some of my favourite music, and this is what has kept me alive. I grew up listening to Jungle as a teenager, and wandered into the Jungle rooms from Hardcore rooms, at The Sanctuary and fell in love with it. It was and still is all about unity. I've been lucky to have had DJ lessons from Easygroove when I started out, and Donovan Badboy Smith was inspirational, to working and making tunes with the Ragga Twins, to remixing Rap's Spiritual Aura, having support from DJSS and Phantasy, Nicky Blackmarket and of course our wonderful ladies in the scene, Storm, Rap, Dazee, Euphonique, the lists go on.... we are truely blessed with an amazing, very much alive Jungle Scene.

My favourite track is Friday by Capone. It was one of the first vinyls given to me by Gary Thomas in Gloucester and to this day I still play it 15 years on and it goes off.

Feel free to download and play on your radio shows.

1) Sin - Odly

2) Bladerunner - Stay (Dub Dread 5)

3) DJ Rap - Spiritual Aura - Silent Code Remix (Inc Missrepresent) (Propa Talent)

4) Nico D -Inna Mi Draw (Feat Turbulence - Potential_Badboy VIP)

5) Fresh Kutt - Feel (Serum mix)

6) Bunny General - Marcus Visionary - Soundwar

7) Ed West Daddy Nature Feat Bahia - Morgans_Rain (Bladerunner_remix)

8) Aries, Gold_Dubs, Bevan, Andy Sim Feat Lion Art -Chem Trails (2012)

9) Nu Tone - Lightening (Future History) (2014)

10) Bladerunner - Studio Dub

11) Lighter - DJSS (Back To Jungle, Formation)

12) I Need Your Loving - Silent Code (Inc Missrepresent) Booty (Free download)(2013)

13) Soundbwoy - Robb Blaze (Short Circuit) (2014)

14) Friday - Capone

15) Renagade V's Limb By Limb (Aries Remix)

16) Madd Inc Feat. Frisky Don - Lock Dem Off (Benny Page Mix) [Serial Killaz]

17) Logistics - Jungle Music

18) Bladerunner - Into The Fire (feat_Dna)

19) Logistics - Krusty Bass Rinser

20) Bladerunner - Heavy Duty

21) Silent Code Booty (Inc Missrepresent) Johnny Osbourne (Free download)

22) Courtney John Ticklah - Born To Fly (Upgrade_remix)

23) K Jah - Future Fresh (2015)

24) Daddy Freddy - Isaac Maya - Original_Jungle Sound VIP (Marcus Visionary remix) (2015)

25) Ed Solo - Ganja Smuggling

26) Silent Code (Inc Missrepresent) Alright

27) Jo R Type (Shogun)

28) Daddy Freddy, Jamie Irie - Words Can Be So Simple (Aries Remix)