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Good evening to all of you out there!! Welcome to the 279th episode of The Everyday Junglist Podcast-Detroit!!

For episode 279, I bring you an exclusive, masterful mix from Missrepresent, hold tight for this one!!!

Missrepresent was voted Best Female DJ at the We Love Jungle Awards!! This mix is going to show you exactly why she received that award!

The mix Missrepresent did for my podcast features high energy rollers, dancefloor tracks, new jungle, amen tear outs, and smooth vocal rollers, mixed flawlessly into a high energy, DNB masterpiece!!

Let's meet our dj for episode 279, Missrepresent:

Hailed as "One of the most successful female artists" by industry giants Random Concept, 2015 saw her reach award winning status at the "We Love Jungle" awards crowned as "Best Female DJ."

Missrepresent was nominated then voted third 2010 and the following year 2011 as second 'Best female DJ’ at the national Drum and Bass awards alongside Annie Mac (Radio 1) and the legendary DJ Storm (Metalheadz).

If you've caught one of her sets either live or online, you will know why. She is one of the most versatile DJs, from headlining with Skibadee or Harry Shotta in epic dancefloor Jump Up sets, to all Ragga Jungle and Jungle Sets, Liquid sets and now being booked for Renegade Hardware February 2016, she knows when to go in hard and has the ear to understand the full spectrum of Jungle and Drum and Bass. She can read a crowd and can effortlessly mix it up when needed, keeping a dancefloor moving. A skill which she has developed from starting on vinyl, and perfecting over the 15 years she has been on the circuit.

Along with DJ'ing across the globe from Europe to Eastern Bloc, to North America and the Far East to critical acclaim, the journey began in 2004 when Missrepresent beat over 500 entries to win the DJ mix competition. In the same year she qualified in the finals of Bristol Academy’s 'Movement & Driveby' competition which led to the beginnings of a global career in DJ'ing at venues such as The Wagon Club (Poland), Club Cube (Lodz Poland), Porto Play DnB (Portugal) and Lisbon (Portugal) with numerous gigs in Germany.

Other cities such as Seoul in East Asia, Taipei in Taiwan and over the other side of the globe in the USA such as Chicago, Denver and Reno in Nevada have hosted this lady to play.

Europe isn't a strange place to her either, headining events in Copenhagen, hitting Prague and the world famous Cross Club im Czech Republic, Portugal, in both Lisbon and Porto saw her on a weekend headline spree, and she has covered the UK from headlining Jungle Nation in Aberdeen Scotland to the bottom of the UK for Devotion in Devon, and most cities inbetween. A full list of gigs can be seen here.

Other career highlights through the years include featuring alongside DJ Friction (Radio 1), Urban Nerds, Futurebound & more for the Ecler and Ortofon Pro DJ Team. She has featured on front cover features in Egg Magazine, been a resident on the Movement Tour at Brunels, featuring in DJ Mag as DNB’s top ladies and been the only female DJ to play alongside luminaries like Dillinja & Lemon D at the Swindon Brunel Valve Sound System nights on a regular basis.

She was the first female artist to join Micky Finn’s DJ Agency ‘Urban Agency’ and the first female producer signed to legendary ‘Viper recordings’.

In 2006, Missrepresent promoted events on a monthly basis, DJ'ed across Europe including Spain & Tenerife, and took a crew of resident DJ’s across Europe. This was the time when she linked up with DJ Phantasy with her resident nights.

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Enjoy the sounds of Missrepresent!! The Everyday Junglist Podcast-Detroit!!


0.00-Track 1) Potential Badboy - Gangster VIP 
3.15-Track 2)(Unknown) Johnny 
5.15-Track 3)Bladerunner - Lock Off VIP 
7.30-Track 4)Hedex - Dark Secrets 
9.22-Track 5)Gold Dubs - Disco Dubz 
11.53-Track 6)Sigma - Nobody To Love (Jungle Rmx) 
15,37-Track 7)6Blocc - Herbal Junglist 
18.05-Track 8)Silent Code - Never Change (Free Download) 
20.20-Track 9)Major Lazer - Hold The Line - Aries Remix 
24.11-Track 10)Nu-Tone - Lightening 
27.14-Track 11)Marcus Visionary - Jah Cure 
30.30-Track 12)Back Up - Aries & Gold Dubs Remix 
32.50-Track 13)Serial Killaz - Hold On 
36.55-Track 14)Ed Solo & Deekline - Bam Bam 
40.55-Track 15)Xian Juan - Deep In Tha Jungle 
43.25-Track 16)Yasmin feat Shy Fx Light up the world Benny Page remix