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UKF - In Conversation

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Over the last 20 years Aliina Missrepresent Atkinson has contributed to myriad aspects of D&B culture.

Committed to the cause since she randomly strayed into the jungle room and converted from a happy hardcore fan overnight, she’s best known as a high-profile DJ in the genre, but she’s also been a promoter, launched and ran an internet radio station and was one half of production duo Silent Code. More recently she’s developed a strong status as a solo producer, she runs the new talent-championing label Sliced Note Recordings and has been supporting the broadest cross-section of the scene running the editorial website for three years.

Most recently, she’s taken on the most challenging contribution to the scene and set up a Facebook talk group. That’s how committed to the cause she is. We caught her in-between her 300 emails a week and chasing after her little ones to find out her story…


Read Full Interview Here