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“This is Rupert. He’s a 3 year old gelding. That’s his pet name, his passport name is Guido’s Contender after his dad Guido. His great grandfathers have won Olympic gold medals so I have high hopes for this boy! I bought him as a 2 year old at 15hh he’s now 3 rising 4 at 16.3hh. Basically, he is massive!

“I am a qualified riding instructor and I bought him so I could back and break my first horse, something I’ve always dreamt to do. It’s a nice break out of the studio and keeps me very fit! Horseriding is incredibly good for your core strength. Rupert is being backed at the moment with the help of my friend Shelby and the reason I love him so much is because he’s so gentle for a big hot headed horse. The bond and trust we have because I bought him as a baby has really paid off. I’m not going to lie, he costs me a small fortune!”


Benny L

“Here’s Patch/Albert and Guinness. Patch is 11 and we’ve had him since September after rescuing him. Guinness is 2 and just a proper mukka. These two are like Laurel and Hardy together. Patch is so jealous when Guinness has some attention, so even getting a photo with both is quite funny. But our quick trips up the park are the best moments together. Guinness can’t help herself but follow and play tricks on us, thinking we don’t know she’s creeping up on us on the way down the road.”

“This is my boy Tuxx, a 2 year old cockapoo. He enjoys sitting in the studio with me and loves a biscuit dunked in my cuppa tea. He’s a lot hairier now than in the pic. No groomers are working at the mo, and he runs a mile if I come at him with clippers.”


Flux Pavilion

“This is my new puppy called (Frank) Zappa to join his feline brother called (Brian) Eno. Both of them like to sleep while I write music.”



“This is Gizmo, a 2 year old long haired moggy (we think). She was a rescue cat found in a trashcan with another kitten. Pretty sure she’s got PTSD and has the worst mood swings you can imagine, going from being the biggest loveliest cuddliest fluff ball in to total bitch in seconds. She doesn’t know boundaries when humans eat their food.”