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2015 DNB HQ 057 Interview

Missrepresent won the award for 'Best Female DJ' at the 2015 'We Love Jungle' award; she is the owner of the Sliced Note Record label and has played all over the world. We chatted to Miss Represent about everything from DJing whilst pregnant to remixing DJ Rap. Words: J Swif

I'm feeling a bit apprehensive here because you interview a lot of people in the Drum n Bass scene, your speciality is the ladies of DnB on who have you interviewed?

I started doing interviews back in about 2005 and I was interviewing Fabio, DJ Fresh, and A-List artists like Jumping Jack frost. Lately I've been concentrating on the ladies more recently, mainly to showcase the amount of women that are around. I've done ten so far this year and I've got another three coming up in the next month and a half. The next interviews I'm doing are with Rachel EC, Lady MC and Kisscut. And I'm trying to get the interviewees to nominate another lady so it branches out a bit more.


Who's been your favourite to interviewee?

My favourite was probably DJ Fresh, he is a real big inspiration to me and I have loads of his tunes. It was before he broke commercially when I interviewed him when he was still very much part of the underground Drum & Bass scene. And ladies wise, my favourite was probably Jenna G; she is really interesting and very professional, such a great talent. #


You’ve recently launched your brand new website, it's looking amazing, what can people expect to see on the new site?

Everything I've done in the last 15 years, its taken 8 months to build, it a completely newer, fresher look and its mobile responsive. I've got my mixes on there, I've got my press stuff, all of the interviews, all of the magazines that I've been in like DJ Mag, Knowledge Magazine and Dogs On Acid. The site also has information on all the forthcoming gigs people can catch me at.


DJ wise, where your number spot to DJ, where's home for you?

About 10 years ago it would have been the Brunel Rooms, I think now it would have to be Bristol Sounds because I'm kind of a resident on rotation there. I love Bristol Sounds, the sound system, the people and the vibe is always wicked. It's like a little underground cave with a really intense feel to it.


You have played so many places, massive events, festivals in the UK but also  Chicago, Denver and Reno, Rome, Italy, The Canary Islands, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Korea, La Palma, Poland, Portugal, Tenerife, Scotland, Spain, Taiwan, you name it you've done it, what's your number one gig ever?

Yes, I've been really lucky, I mean playing in Korea was one hell of an experience and then they flew me over to Taiwan to play there as well which was just crazy. The best gig that I always look back on and think "wow" even now is an event that I headlined in La Parma, it was in a car park and as they were setting up I was expecting 400-500 people and on the night of the event there was about 5000 people there! That night was probably the most memorable for me.


Amazing, now you have a baby on the way right?

Yes I have indeed, a little girl due in February, I've got gigs right up to when I'm due and after. I'm supposed to be playing in Dublin at the end of February. To be honest the promoters have been brilliant about me being pregnant, so understanding and willing to reschedule if necessary.


It just shows how much love you have for what you do.

Well yes I love what I do but it's also a job, women in the workplace will work up until there 8 months pregnant anyway. I think sometimes people have this mentality that when you are pregnant you shouldn’t be doing anything, for me, the longer I can stand up, walk around and touch my toes, the better!  


Now, 2015 award for Best DJ at the We love Jungle awards? How did that feel? Did you expect to win? You had some stiff competition!

Yes, I was surprised, the women in that category were amazing, I'm over the moon, and I can't thank people enough for voting for me. It's an honour anyway just to get ranked or be appreciated but to win an award after 15 years does feel like an achievement. I won't stop; I do think it's not about getting there but about staying there.


Production wise you used to be part of the Silent Code duo and remixed the classic Dj Rap tune Spiritual Aura, how did that come about?

Well we had remixed Dj SS 'Black' for Formation Records and an official Snoop Dogg remix with Charlotte Devaney and so at the time we were fairly trusted to do remixes. We were doing some mastering work for DJ Rap o her EP and we approached her about remixing Spiritual Aura for her and she said yes. She doesn’t let just anyone remix her work so we were really happy that she loved it and it was really an honour to do that.


You also own the Sliced Note record label, how's it all going there?

Really good, I am lucky to be sent loads of unsigned tracks so I've got a big folder of tunes I can't wait to unleash on the world. I've got some really good artists on the label and we'll have some new releases at the same time as the new website is launched.


You are also playing at the Renegade Hardware Last ever event on 6th Feb next year aren’t you?

Yes, I am looking forward to it, I think it is sad that Renegade Hardware is closing its doors but it better to go out with a bang rather than just fading away. Also Clayton (Owner of Renegade Hardware) has been in the Drum & Bass scene for years and he is such a big part of the scene and has a huge personality. It's his label, it his decision so you have to respect what he is doing.


Thank you for taking the time to talk, all the best!!

Miss Represent will be playing at the last ever Renegade Hardware event on 5th-6th February 2016 for inform check out Renegade Hardware

Words: J Swif